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Agilit-e V5.1 Released With Major Enhancements

We are proud to announce an insane release of Agilit-e: Version 5.1. Not only does this release include a rewrite of the API runtime, massive performance improvements, higher levels of security and 2 new modules, but also marks the official “cloud” release of Agilit-e.

Agilit-e in the Cloud

Agilit-e is now available as a Cloud service. You can access the Admin Portal by clicking here. The API runtime can be accessed here.

Proudly Running on IBM Cloud

After tirelessly testing multiple cloud options, we decided that the API Server and Data Store will be hosted on IBM Cloud (aka IBM Bluemix). The Admin Portal, however, is hosted on Google’s Firebase Cloud and worldwide CDN.

MustacheJS Integration

Agilit-e proudly uses the MustacheJS library to allow for dynamic configuration within each of the modules. Mustache is a logic-less template syntax, that allows keywords surrounded by double curly brackets to be replaced with values from a passed JSON object.

Introducing the Templates Module

The templates module allows templates of all kinds to be stored and retrieved when required. With the power of MustacheJS, these templates can be dynamically populated when relevant. Examples of templates that can be stored are:

  • Plain Text
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • XML

Agilit-e Template - HTML

Introducing the Batch Log Profiles Module

Our first release of Batch Log Profiles allows transaction logs to be created and grouped by an auto-generated Process Id. This is especially powerful when making use of Node-RED and creating flows that contain multiple Agilit-e nodes. A Power user can use the Process Id to return the logs that were created during the Batch Process. This data can then be used for reporting purposes.

Node-RED Module Re-design

Agilit-e’s Node-RED Module has been re-designed to allow for way more flexibility and context when used in Node-RED flows. The Agilit-e nodes also fail much more gracefully, allowing for proper error handling during a Node-RED flow transaction.

New IMAP Connector for Sending Mail

We welcome a new Connection Type in the Connector Module called “IMAP”, with a route to send HTML mails. While this feature is quite basic at the moment, it provides an API interface to IMAP, to send HTML mails via a web service or Node-RED flow. We will definitely be including more routes for this connection type.

Agilit-e Connector IMAP


Generate PDFs using PDFMake

As part of Agilit-e’s Utility APIs, the ability to generate PDFs using PDFMake is now available. By simply calling the generatePDF API and passing JSON as per PDFMake’s specification, Agilit-e will generate the resulting PDF and provide a document id as a response to the API.

Announcing the Agilit-e v5 Alpha Launch. Join the Revolution

We are excited to announce the V5 Alpha release of Agilit-e: a powerful, low-code, Integration Service Portal, that allows anyone with basic technical skills to seamlessly integrate their systems with various on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Dawning Of A New Era

For many years, Agilit-e has loyally served businesses, by providing various features and functionality to aid in rapid application development. With the release of Version 5, comes the dawning of a new era, by providing awesome capabilities that can be used to create powerful integration flows. Here are just a few of the features that are offered:

  • Profile all your integration requirements as IoE Connectors, that can be generically re-used by all your applications
  • Create and manage intelligent numbers for all your electronic documents
  • Centralise all your keywords and expose them to your applications’ list fields via Web APIs
  • Translate your Excel documents into JSON or vice versa
  • Extend Agilit-e to Node-RED to create powerful integration flows in minutes

The Agilit-e Movement Has Begun

We’ve designed Agilit-e to be extremely portable and platform agnostic. Once downloaded, you can have the runtime ready to go within 5 minutes. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself by going to and signing up. You will immediately receive setup instructions via your mailbox as well as additional resources, including hands-on tutorials to help you get started. You’ll be integrating with the world in no time!


Cheers for now,